Personal License Information

Personal License Information

All of our designs come with both a personal and commercial license.  Here is the personal license information you may need.  You can see what you can do with a commercial license here.

A personal license allows you to make unlimited finished products with the design that you plan to keep for yourself or give as a gift to someone else.  The big difference between personal and commercial is that you cannot sell anything with the design without a commercial license.

Personal licenses are great if you are a hobby crafter.  Things like Christmas gifts and your families Easter baskets would fall under a personal license but not if you plan to sell them.

What Doesn’t Fall Under a Personal License?

You cannot sell any product with a design on it without a commercial license but good thing for you all my designs come with both.  A commercial license is needed to sell Easter baskets, shirts, etc with a design on it.

You cannot sell the design in any digital form.  Do not add to the design and then try to sell it as your own.

Do not upload any of my designs to websites like CustomInk, UberPrints, CafePress or Zazzle.

You cannot share any paid for design. This goes for almost all paid designs unless the designer told you otherwise.  There are websites and Facebook groups for to sharing designs; do not share my designs on them.  You can share any design you personal made but please do not share designs made by others.